We help our customers to augment their products with MEMS or sensor technology in order to gain competitive advantage in high-value markets. We develop solutions and build supply chains to get our customers' products to market as quickly as possible.

Integrated sensor solutions

From chips to bits

  • Medical sensor solutions with our partner Millar OEM
  • Full integration: from bare silicon to data output
  • Readout, signal processing, telemetry, and control electronics
  • Packaging: all varieties
  • Application-specific software

Ecosystem of Partners

We exist in an ecosystem of companies serving the semiconductor and sensor industries. In collaboration with our talented partners, we provide our customers integrated solutions with the strength of a large company and the efficiency of a lean team.

  • Qualifed, trusted vendors and foundries
  • Global supply base
  • Access to unusual materials and capabilities
  • ISO 13485 production with our partner Millar OEM

Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS)

Many MEMS sensors, most of which are optimized for consumer or automotive applications, are available for purchase from a variety of manufacturers. We can find the best sensor and help integrate it into your product.

  • Develop MEMS device specification based on the product requirements
  • Survey of commercial options
  • Cost and risk analysis
  • Sensor procurement and evaluation
  • Product integration
  • Supply chain creation and management

Semi-Custom Sensors

Leverage proven sensor designs for fast time to market. The best option for customers who need some sensor customization but do not need innovation nor to own IP.

Foundry Selection and Transfer

For customers who already possess a MEMS design and need a foundry for volume manufacturing.

  • We can determine which foundry is the best fit for your specific process flow, product, and manufacturing volumes and serve as your liaison.
  • Production quotes and negotiation
  • Site visits and due diligence
  • Are you ready to talk to a foundry?