Semi-custom MEMS Sensors for Specialty Applications


How it Works

  1. Customer submits its sensor specification to AMFitzgerald
  2. AMFitzgerald uses its verified reference designs to create a custom sensor
  3. Foundry manufactures sensors
  4. AMFitzgerald provides tested, known good chips to customer
RocketMEMS Pressure Sensors

We're pioneering a new model for cost-effective, low volume production of semi-custom MEMS sensors to serve the needs of specialty products and applications.

Can't find the sensor you need? Let us customize one for you using RocketMEMS®.

AMFitzgerald has created template pressure sensor designs verified on a process flow assembled from Silex SmartBlocks™. Customer sensors will be fabricated in a run managed by AMFitzgerald. RocketMEMS® enables customers to meet their system requirements, while significantly lowering risk and time to market with a production-ready sensor design.

Customer Resource Page

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