2016 Emerging MEMS & Sensor Technologies to Watch
Presentation on noteworthy and commercially relevant developments in MEMS & sensors research.
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Apr 2017: Development of a High Performance Micro-mirror Array
Mar 2017: Collaboration with Millar, Inc. to Enhance OEM MEMS Pressure Sensor Capabilities for the Medical Device Industry
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A High-speed Large-range Tip-tilt-piston Micromirror Array
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, December 2016
Micromirror arrays and the potential for advancing applications.
Finding a MEMS Foundry - A Roundtable Discussion
Electronics 360, July 2016
Advice on volume manufacturing of MEMS.
Making Sensors for the IoT
ANSYS Advantage, June 2016
Leveraging simulation to reduce sensor development cost.
Achieving System Cost Reduction and Performance Optimization through Semi-Custom MEMS Pressure Sensors
Sensors Magazine, Jan 2015
Using RocketMEMS® sensors to optimize sensor system design.
RocketMEMS®: Tailored MEMS Sensors for Customers Seeking Business Opportunities in the Long Tail Marketplace
CMM International, Nov 2014
How semi-custom sensors help low volume, high value products.
Choosing MEMS Pressure Sensors for Medical Device Applications
Medical Design Briefs, Nov 2014
Customizing MEMS sensors for medical applications.
Experts at the Table: Challenges for MEMS
Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 2013
Mark LaPedus interviews a panel of MEMS experts.
Predicting the Failure Probability of Device Features in MEMS
IEEExplore, Sept 2011
We detail and validate pragmatic FE-based MEMS analysis capabilities.
MEMS Structural Reliability and DRIE
MEMS Investor Journal, July 2010
Deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) is an essential MEMS fabrication process technology that leaves behind a scalloped surface prone to fracture. Smoother surfaces require slower etches, which are more costly. How smooth is smooth enough?


AMFitzgerald Company Overview
MEMS Sensors for Industrial Automation: Megatrends and Sourcing Options
MD&M West/ATX West, Feb 2017
AMFitzgerald Webinar: System, Package, and Chip Level MEMS Solutions
Audio presentation (21 minutes, 31 MB .mp4 file) or
Presentation slides only (2.5 MB .pdf)
MEMS R&D with a Manufacturing Goal
EVG Technology Day, Feb 2016
Emerging MEMS & Sensor Technologies to Watch
MEMS Executive Congress USA, Nov 2015
The Business Case for MEMS Standardization
Semicon West: MIG/SEMI Joint Workshop, July 2015
How to Successfully Transfer MEMS from a University Lab to a Commercial Foundry
Transducers, June 2015
How to Optimize System Cost, Performance, and Reliability with Semi-Custom MEMS Sensors
Sensors Expo, June 2015
Letting Process Drive Design: The RocketMEMS® Model
Semicon Europa, Oct 2014
MEMS Pressure Sensors for Medical Applications
MEPTEC Medical Electronics Symposium, Sept 2014
Implementing MEMS: Make vs. Buy?
Sensors Expo, June 2014
A Practical Guide to MEMS Inertial Sensors
Stanford Position, Navigation and Time Symposium, Nov 2013
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MEMS Sensor Technology Overview
Design News Webinar, Apr 2012
Planning for MEMS Product Development
Sensors Expo, June 2011, Rosemont, IL