Micro-electro-mechanical systems, or MEMS, are silicon-based devices that can serve as sensors, actuators, or passive mechanical structures (such as microfluidic channels). MEMS are manufactured on silicon or glass wafers using techniques originally developed by the semiconductor industry for forming micron-scale features.

As a result, MEMS are tiny, low cost, and low power compared to traditional electro-mechanical devices made by conventional machining. MEMS can easily be integrated with microprocessors, wireless telemetry and other circuitry, enabling powerful capabilities in packages only millimeters on a side. MEMS devices are already in widespread use in smartphones, automobiles, and consumer electronics. The uses for MEMS devices are limited only by a product designer's imagination. In the near future, MEMS will be at the heart of the Internet of Things.

MEMS devices designed and developed by AMFitzgerald are helping to save lives, improve quality and safety of life, and reduce waste and inefficiency in industrial processes.

We Design and Develop Custom MEMS for Specialty Applications

Medical Devices

  • Applications: Invasive diagnostics, implantable devices, drug delivery, cardiology devices
  • MEMS Devices: Pressure and temperature sensors, microfluidics, micro-needles
  • Medical sensor solutions: encapsulated pressure sensors for invasive applications
  • Customers: Endotronix, Cantimer, UCSF Ophthalmology
  • Presentation: MEMS Pressure Sensors for Medical Applications

Industrial Sensing

Imaging and Optoelectronics

Biotechnology and Diagnostics

  • Applications: Cell culture, cell sorting, blood diagnostics, cytometry
  • MEMS Devices: Microfluidics, micromolds, valves, cantilevers
  • Customers: Wave80 Biosciences, Caliper LifeSciences, Edge Embossing, Fluxion Biosciences
  • Presentation: MEMS for Medical Applications